Our devices are manufactured in one of the most modern plants in the HVACR industry. The manufacturing facility in the Zuhai province, where Asami devices are manufactured, was established as result of an agreement between companies setting out world standards in the industry.


Therefore, the plant uses the best practices in the world both in terms of quality and cost effectiveness. The plant employs over 5000 engineers and is the biggest plant in the air-conditioning industry in the world.


Founded over 30 years ago with the aim of providing innovative energy solutions, today MTA covers a role of Global leader within the fields of the conditioning of commercial, public or residential ambients, industrial process cooling and compressed air & gas purification. MTA’s energy solutions offer unique answers to individual Customer needs. MTA’s mission is to maximize Customer satisfaction by means of expert support, implementing optimized solutions with a minimal environmental impact.

MTA boasts 3 production facilities, Sales Companies covering 4 continents and a network of Partners in over 80 countries worldwide. The expert international service network, is backed up by a comprehensive worldwide spare parts coverage. MTA products, designed for operation worldwide, comply to local legislations. Advanced supervision technology, including web browser and GSM/GPRS connectivity, ensures peace of mind wherever you may be.


Since entering the market in 1994, Tecnair LV has been increasingly in the forefront in Europe and in the world of the “Close Control Air Conditioning” sector. A prestigious position resulting from continuous research and development carried out in our Laboratories, in partnership with professors from the Faculty of Energy Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano who are authorities in the field, and the constant updating of work techniques and close collaboration with our customers.

The application requirements, in fact, contribute to improving the product, constituting an authentic source of innovation. In operating room applications, for example, where air conditioning technology is essential, the evolution of the Tecnair LV product has reached the maximum levels of technology, with a degree of absolute reliability.

Tecnair LV is the part of the Lu-Ve Group. This allows to further satisfy the clients’ requests at 360° in all the different business units of the refrigeration and air conditioning fields.

The vast range of units and accessories is able to provide solutions for most design and system needs. When this is not the case, however, with the know-how of its partners, TECNAIR LV studies alternative solutions to satisfy the most specific requirements.