We have over 15 years of experience working in HVAC field. During this time company kept expanding into central and eastern Europe. Our main intention is to achieve ecosystem in which both us and our business partners could successfully accomplish desired goals. Offering our production we take into consideration optimal ration between desired technical parameters, brand and price.

Why are we different?

We respect and appreciate every client. We are not afraid of ambitious projects therefore, in our opinion, close cooperation with our partners is the best solution for both sides. In every project we try to optimize investments and equipment operating costs.



We offer solutions that guarantee maximum level of comfort. We are consulting investors and engineers from the first till the last step of the project. Our products guarantee both maximum level of satisfaction and economic benefits.

Our values

Professionalism – we are engineers, offering high class consultations, but at the same time we are businessmen, ready to offer to You the way to optimize Your investment achieving the best possible results. Every time we try to listen to our partners needs so our proposals always guarantee maximum level of satisfaction

Partnership – we are certain that win-win politics is the best possible way of cooperation in today’s business world. We seek for clients to be satisfied with our production. We created a vast network of competed high class engineers and authorized services, who are always ready to help or consult you.

Innovation and simplicity – We admire the simplicity of brilliant ideas. We are constantly improving our production range. Continuous dialogue between employees and business partners is resulting in continuous service quality improvement.